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Please help to improve quality of this portal with your own content ideas. You can add a Wikipedia, Facebook or Website link, if existing. As well a good drone Youtube movie or something with quality would be nice. Add twitter embed or link codes to keep people up to date. Or just upload a couple good pictures. You can upload pictures as well from smartphones, add events or articles and news. Or just comment on a topic page with your opinion.

You can as an example post an event on a city or a restaurant and same event will be visible as well at the district, region and up to country. Same it works with articles and news. Those events then as well are visible at the lists where a page is attached to and as well in the menu on top. Wozzally got by the time 230000 topic pages ready for authors and we will bring it to 1 million by end of this year and fill it with anything imaginable as restaurants, hotels, bar, nightlife, mountains, lakes. etc..etc..

As an example what it is going to be like we indexed all mountains, lakes, skiresorts and mountain huts etc in Switzerland and made a couple lists for California yet. And once this whole engine entirely works you will be able to add your own pages, whatever it is about. We can use it to document nice things or give you a history about actual wars. There are no imaginable limits what this engine could not handle. And if, we will just build it for you. Once the engine is stable, you as well will get a smartphone app for it where it will pop up nearby places when driving around somewhere. 1000 ideas more, but yet i just got no time for all.

You can imagine maybe, this machine now can handle and index this entire planet and its universe but we need to index by the time at least 1 million pages starting with all cities and towns on earth, later another 10-20 millions we estimate to bring it to the start where it is getting funny. But finally, if we build it, or another will copy this, you will find anything on earth with a few clicks once and see with another click what else is around it. Of course i got now not 1000 people working on this as Google could do, but working on it to make it the most incredible portal on earth for you.

This planet itself hosts about 1 million cities and towns. Every town then should have at least 100 topics to get visitors keen. Finally this portal is built to host several doucen million pages (or more once on Oracle then from mySQL), all fully indexed into the country structure. It is likely a new dimension and something what people yet are not that used to work with. But likely this concept of indexed searching will be future for all...very soon.
Please help to make this engine something stunning. For now it is a lonely computer in a dark room, but with your ideas it will get maybe alive. The whole project is non commercial for education reason, so you will not find any annoying ads. And actually i hope we can keep it that way for future as Wikipedia does.

Yet USA, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, UK are fully indexed down to cities. You will find likely any smallest town at those counntries. You will see the start page of your region or city usually when opening Wozzally but as you see this engine goes from planet earth then up to universe where once scientists can write about recent found planets or whatever else is going on in space. The whole thing has 99 author levels which can top each other, non logged in visitors start with level rank 99 (visitor). Once in a time then, as well you will be able to write in any language, for now we need to keep with english to bring it alive first.

I forgot. It is not ending with cities and towns and it can go further down and could show you who is living on what street and in which house on which floor. But not to scare people more with our IT toys we let it be good with city suburbs. It is no objective to make this portal another spy toy. Just good quality content, hopefully once. Myself, i am an engineer but a lousy author. So...it will be maybe YOU bringing it alive if you are keen to write about something or to let others know about something, whatever it is. Once it is having good content, maybe then as well Google will give us a chance here, even we are from Switzerland and no Silicon Valley members.

Please do not try to advertise nor to misuse this engine with any faked informations or propaganda. The Wozzally engine is able to lock out network segments of those trying and will as well lock network segments of those trying to bring our server to fall with DoS attacks, injection trials, etc.. As well i intend not to make this another backlinker catastrophy here. Just real people with real content and real stories. This is the original idea of mine. Whatever story it is, whatever it is about, whatever your religion is like. I dont care, just the story must be true. Here in Switzerland we are actually neutral even often being sad about this actually sad planet. So bring your story down here, you are more than welcome as long you are not that a lousy author as i am myself. If nice story or ugly, no matter. Just TRUE!

By the way, do not try to copy a Wikipedia, the idea here is going somewhere bit more passionate, listening about feelings and emotions. For hard facts then you got the Wiki link anyway for those which want to read details.

Whatever religion or color you are, in this Wozzally club here we are all same. Honest, no lies, no games, we are not fooling around with others. We want to help changing this planet once for good, at least it is my idea about and what it will be like will be up to you then. And here you got yourself the same power as a US president to say what your opinion is like! Yet myself i always felt unconvenient when just big politicians and powerful companies have been able to turn this planet for just their own good. That is why i wanted to build a portal where small people as me can have an opinion about what this planet is going to be. So i built this for you and maybe you are one of those being evicted by landgrabbers or whatever. Here you can hold your speech and tell another ones what it felt like. And my job will be to make you heard then. Fighting against great injustice around this planet now. Those of the 30 millions living in refugee camps likely will understand what it is about, right? So i try to find all those refugee camps and present them on pages where others just show their sunny side. Showing a bit background information about those background players which have caused catastrophies by too much greed and having great financial interests, not caring about those having to suffer on all. Likely this planet could be a paradise, but where it goes now with all those wars, it is getting a hell if no one stops a couple power players which always got away with their games yet.

About us - Me and my friends all have been living around earth and speak 5-8 languages, coming from around the planet. That helped a bit to understand certain things, follow the world news in Russia, Australia, America, Asia and middle east. Many of us have been living in Asia for more than 10 years, but we all as well have been anywhere in Europe, North and South America for several month. And it helps a bit to bring maybe this portal now alive.

Men like power and powertoys. The more power they got, the more narzissistic shapes they create. Happens nearly to anyone in a powerful position and you could say, the most annoying people on earth are such having too much power and money. Such people instead of enjoying their lifes and help to create something good for others usually then start to destroy other peoples life and make sure power stays in their hand. Sad, but it is human. Just human!

Now to understand bout this Wozzally machine. This is the part gives me most headaches by the time. I nearly fixed all technical problems by the time and made this machine able to handle nearly anything what Wiki, Facebook or any other machine can handle. But, how do i achieve this machine is once controlled by the best and most reasonable person. How to achieve, no one is misusing power here as well. The best author, the one having the least financial interests will be once control this machine on top...and this will not be one of us. This will be one of those, most others are voting for. But not yet i got the idea for a smart algroithm, not to let this machine as well end up with a finance oriented company which starts to use it for profit optimizing as it happened with so many IT toys in past we once all liked.

As you have seen, i posted in past when i have been developing this all, a load of very unfriendly stories. I used it all to create the idea and the mechanism. But now those stories are all deleted and i give green light for anyone of you all to post something smarter than what i did. Finally i got even locked in USA by an ISP recently as it just has been too harsh. And to create this machine brought me to limits often anyway. But trying to be friendly now and hope we get many stories of 1000s of other authors in once here.

The question about why you wont find this Wozzally portal with American search engines as Google i want not to answer you and try to keep friendly. But you can do the math yourself about. So it is finally anyone of you deciding about who controls the world. But just to say, just your small Dollar into hand of the wrong will create desasters. And maybe once it should be the way that 99% of people around this planet make a happy face instead of a couple billion Dollar players which by the time got out of control and unstoppable. Just this information will be reason enough to let this portal vanish from the web as it happened before already. But there are some, which do know what it is about.

Actually i watch business people which chase around from one to another blogger portal where they write faked articles and praise their own companies. So incredible many, and some then get successful with it. I have been living in hotels for 10 years around the planet and have seen same with such trying to fake their tripadvisor ranks. Anothers daily try to fake the Google ranks and all is about who can fuck with another and who is the smartest of them all. It got an entire industry of one smarter than another. We here got another approach. We fake no articles and do not praise with faked emails. We just think, if this is a good engine it maybe once will be found by the right people which stand on the same side.

At the end, what you see on the HTML front end is something harmless looking and i always tried to keep it as simple and innocent as possible. But as a background information what you see here was several thousand hours of technical concepts and programming. Another 1000 hours then with filling it with a bit content and those 230000 pages you yet see, i by the time call an empty database. Alltogether it was 6000 hours of work to bring this toy to a startup. The engine behind you likely can call an alligator, buffalo or whatever, database is running on MySQL VPS Godaddy server. It took me now years to break complexity over an entire planet down into something what i have been able to pack into a couple software lines. The main PHP file got now 14000 lines. Just the main index goes over 18+12 tables. Together with the list (category) index it comes to 60 tables where MySQL comes to limits then. Once when it is done i will break complexity down again and let it mainly run on 2 single main address table without all helpers as it is now. But that is too technical now likely.

Once it is all done, it all needs to be optimized and fully reviewed (OO) again to squeez full performance out of it as the way it got now will crash the most powerful server quikcly. As an example Wikipedia delivers 200000 pages per second, and this is what it will once be like here as well maybe (Actually i do not hope so it is getting that bad). Just for those interested and trying to build same to give an idea about ...and we not talked about another 50 features you yet can not see when not being logged in...or those 500 in my mind. As an example you can as logged in author on a higher level then post messages to entire regions on earth, or just to districts, cities or suburbs. Those messages are not visible for the rest of the planet. Or you will be able to post messages to certain robots or visitors. You will be able to chat within a city or chat with a whole country audience and so one. You will be able like an NSA to surf around earth and watch on livecams into streets or link your own stream channel into a page and broadcast to the whole world or just to a city from your own smartphone. But yet i keep those features back as most people just get confused with too many new things and we do it slowly. But the ideas and features even everything is that innocent looking and of course needs a hand of a better graphic designer guy to get it a bit more sexy looking, are nearly unlimited. Now imagine if i had the data of Google...and what i would do with it. This is the hardest actually...to get good relieable data as this is what no one will never give away of us IT freaks, right? Technically if the database was full with 1 billion records, there would be nothing preventing it to show its data as well in 3D as like on a Google Earth projection. But by now i just keep working on it and steady it will get better and better. Slowly. The next target is having 1 million pages by end of the year fully indexed. All towns on earth.

With some people i gave up explaining what i was building here, as they always just made big eyes, a long face and thought i got now a fully crazy idiot and actually maybe you must be crazy to build such things as it often really sucks to work all nights with best ideas coming 3AM usually. The whole thing would fill a book then, but hopefully this helps a bit to understand for those want to konw aobut. Personally i think one of the monster companies on earth will copy some ideas of it and will then try to let this here disappear, but maybe and i hope, once i will be wrong with this. You can log in as one of the fun members with an open password for anyone to check out new released features, but some i still keep secret and release them when it is time for all. Enough of talking. Maybe it all helps to understand the wozzally machine and its idea behind a bit..

When i started years ago i asked myself why has nobody built something like this as i know there are floods of much better engineers. Maybe there are some, but they will maybe have the same problem. The big giants on earth just let them disappear. Unfortunately it seems to be that way, i hope i am wrong with it. So, get ready for a new dimension. If here, maybe somewhere else. But it is not to stop anymore. Who cares, we all get spied out anyway already, right? At least i will watch this toy is never getting into wrong hands and stays the way with the orgiginal idea of mine. No financial interests and trying to give 99% of people on earth something useful.

And to complete the whole thing. We all can be very happy about Google and Wikipedia. As those companies are giving the world nearly unfiltered information. As you see with Google search and Youtube, you will find loads of things what is often not that convenient for the American government. But for those not understanding much about IT, there are by far more powerful players on internet than a Google. You call them ISP, internet service providers on the powerful internet connections, sea cables and satellite. Those big backbone ISP provider have nearly unlimited power with their proxies and in the meantime they started to censor internet as in China with certain things. No one knows how far it goes, but if they want to let something disappear from the web they can do. Everyone will understand when it is about pedophile material and terrorism threats. But obviously they as well let things disappear from the web what would bring a disadvantage for some economic players. But of course, they would never yell around how it works and once in a time then whistleblowers like Snowden tell us and let even housewifes find out about. The Americans have FULL power over internet and if a portal is not conventient, they shut it the way down that not even the Searchengines can find it anymore. That is what it looks like by the time and often i hope myself i am wrong with all. AS media economic media censorship would bring back this planet to stone age. It is the last freedom people in the world except of China, North Korea and Cambodia got. Freedom of speech and a right to know about evil games. (hate speech is another subject then of course and most in the meantime understand about such censorships as well of course.)

The happy part with such an IT engine you can imagine will be when having all mountains indexed on earth, you can warn people from dangers as avalanches, organize rescue teams at catastrophe sites and whatever else. As you found out yourself, you do not want to learn about every different looking website first an hour how to find something and it needs a global things where to find things within seconds, allover the planet. This is my vision to let you find a needle on earth with 5 clicks and sometimes i hate myself for having started this insanity. I could have just been sitting on a beach, but it was just too boring. So i created another monster and just hope it is never getting wild.

My idea about Wozzally started in Camboodia in hospitals where i tried on the poorest compartment to help people with the most necessary. Those people have not been on the lucky side and i was sick about the world i came from. A world called Switzerland, with all those superficial talks, where everyone just is thinking about himself, where my friends already in young ages started to make doucen of millions of Dollars and same time started to watch down on me. A world where i finally lost everything after a high Swiss politician terrorized me and my family until we had to give up our home he wanted. So eversince more than a decade i have been kind of a homeless gipsy and tried at least sometimes to do something useful.

But i completely failed in Cambodia. The more i tried to help, the more i attracted any smart people where i later found out about they just forgot to tell me something, just trying to fuck me over as so many. But sometimes in such hospitals where i helped people, many finally as well died, i recognized how incredible eyes i have seen with just giving a couple dollars into the real right hands. And how thankful those people have been then. People which got not problem as such in Switzerland which often just concern about with a new car how to top another decadent buddy.

On day, i was in the year 2008 when the big landgrabbing in Cambodia was secretly done, i stood after i have been in Calmette hospital just coming from the poorest compartment on Monivong boulevard. I never thought much about cars, but when watching the road i started to wonder about this avalanche of new luxury cars. That day i got no idea about how much such cars cost, but later i found out i have seen an avalanche of Lexus 570LX cars, with a price of 80000 Dollars, together with import tax 160 grand then. So i thought, how is it possible in a country having nearly no basic facilities that people can afford such offroad cars. Later on we all heard about the big landgrabbing where millions lost their land and homes. Later on i started to ask questions about NGOs and found out it is a Billion Dollar business. Unaware about many things i over and over stumbled upon things i maybe better never would have found out. I sometimes thought their is some money finally reaching it's target when people donate to poor countries, later i heard it is usually just few and once then i found out it all is just a big scam industry where nearly not a single Dollar reaches it's target. I started to attach myself to officials as police chiefs, have once then been sitting on tables of those ruling parts of this nation with generals having the say over nearly half of the country. And i wanted to know about everything how it really works. As that day when watching after Calmette all those luxury cars i recognized, there is something really going wrong. One hand side this immense poverty where people fight for their existence and on another side this immense corruption with billion Dollar amounts where everyone just got away with his little secrets. I knew i would be able to do something against all that and i knew the only way to it will be a major portal on earth. But first i needed to test my idea with a static little countrywide portal if it was working. You can imagine i sometimes made myself not many friends and it as well was often a bit dangerous when posting the little secrets of corrupt officials dealing with million Dollar secrets.

But in general what i have seen when it all started with this greed and hungryness for money was the same what i knew from Switzerland. The more quick money people make, the more mistakes they start to do. The more they bring themselves once again into troubles and need to fuck over anothers once again. One example for this was a corrupt city police chief, being in drug trade and whatever but showing for his friends then monthly the latest new luxury cars he has bought. Once later we heard he made the little mistake to loose all his corrupt money in a casino and even gambled as well with the assets of his entire family and some of his friends. And then you can imagine, the show starts again, he will need to do more drug trade, fuck another people over to get back to the status he once has been used to. It is finally a game of monkeys just thinking permanently within a small dimension just about themselves, but it is basicly just human. Nearly everyone would fuck another over if he could. When then money rolls somewhere you barely can stop it. But before this whole vibe with money started in Cambodia where everyone started to fuck another over, i have seen something other. I have seen quite happy, smiling and very nice people which helped each other as they have been used to after all those wars they got. Just with the money rush they all then converted into hungry monsters as we all are used to in Europe, USA and in the meantime China and Russia. From that point when it all as well was about money and status where all those corrupt monkeys have started to drive luxury cars and needed to top each other with status symbosl, it was not to stop anymore and Cambodia just got another nation which once decades later will find out about the side effects of quick money when investors start to grab land, homes and other things. Finally it will end as in Europe where everyone is just running, everyone just thinking there is nothing could change it anyway. And it will be same way where just a few monster companies and powerful people will create new mistakes with their silly way of growing their things until it all blows once up. As we all know, some companies get once then too big to fail and need government support to stabilize all done mistakes. There will likely in Cambodia itself be once a major unhappyness about those land sales where 50 percent of the entire nation, all of it's beaches and islands have been sold to landgrabbers, palm oil producers and national park loggers. And often you find out it was not just the Chinese behind but as well some channels you can trace back to London, Switzerland and France where all the hungry ones with quick money and speculation dreams came from. The richer the people and investors, the more powerful the companies behind, the bigger catastrophies they have caused. Bu on another side millions of people which just ended with nothing. This tragedy happened in Euorpe long time ago where a couple smart ones made sure all properties and assets get grabbed in any smart ways. But i said to myself, you need somehow a tool to prevent succh things when some people and companies go beyond those limits where it heavily starts to damage a majority of innocent people, otherwise you just can wait for the next civil war when once those oppressed stand up against such immense injustice.

Once i recognized in those Cambodian hospitals, i needed something powerful to do more. To help those people which really were never on the lucky side in life. Often after all tragedies such people in Cambodia went trough, finally in 2008 property grabbers started to evict them with the corrupt governments help. They burnt down their homes, those wanted not to leave sometimes even just got killed or battled down with sticks. Then i remembered those days where i lost my home in Switzeralnd in a similar way, i started to remember i was once an engineer and studied at one of the hardest schools for technology in Switzerland. And as i was that sick of that sort of injustice i experienced myself and got even sicker of another i have seen around the world, i generated the idea of Wozzally.

To generate a portal, which is not touchable by anyone having any financial interests. And to give all those people which got destroyed their lifes around this planet by any smart people a chance to let them know about what it felt like. Now often such landgrabbers are big companies coming from Europe and USA. From our western world where just sunny sides are presented, but a world where many companies have real evil little secrets. This is why i built this portal not just for me, i built it to give all those a chance to talk about things often evil players want not to talk about.

I said to myself, if you will be able to prevent major injustice on this planet, you will be able to prevent wars. But if someone is very injust to another over a long time and lets him suffer a hard way, once he will start to kill. But those never would understand about such things, just sitting on the sunny side in life, maybe once should make the experience to life with the poorest on earth to understand such emotions. As well i am quite sick about this word terrorist, about a couple fighters in a desert. All what i actually see is a Europe and Western world having certain players which wanted not to stop creating nightmares around the planet. They created the word terrorist, as anyone would get angry. When i read books as such from Jean Zieglers, which is eversince fighting against injustice, it confirmed my experiences mostly as i got myself to similar results. There is a reason about, why many people in nations around the planet hate the west. But as it always is far away anyone creating catastrophies could yet wipe it below the carpet and talk it down, making it harmless, i created a portal where i bring the issues straight to the place with one click where this decadent crowd just wants to show it's sunny side.

Finally it will not be me doing this, maybe once people around the planet will recognize those options and it's power and find a way with it how this planet in future will do a bit better than what it was in past history where mostly Brits, Germans and the French together with USA brought that many intact things out of control with their arrogance. Even the Swiss always make an innocent face, we all know where the money finally goes, right?

Some will not like this portal. It will be those which have most to hide. They will try to shut it down. They are likely powerful and sitting on top functions of the ISP's, governments and on the rudders of certain major companies, maybe attached to the weapon industry which has most interests in generating wars and destabilizing nations. Of course they would never talk about how it really worked, but when once here a major amount of people bring in their own opinion and knowledge, maybe those evil players will start to hesitate to come up with next mess. The Wozzally portal will be able to show histories and connect all issues around the planet. Showing up facts and helping aveage people to make their own opinion other than being maniulated by jewish media networks which all are thinking too much about money and haveing too many interests for their own.

I experienced myself a time, where many people have been fooling around with me as they knew they will get away with it. Sometimes i lost a couple thousand dollars with it, once i lost my home and whatever. I usually just have been running away when someone smarter than me started to terrorize my life and left my things he wanted behind. Sometimes i got very hard feeling, sometimes i could have killed, sometimes i later on got very angry and aggressive and wanted to punish those which destroyed my life for their own good. And same people destroying others lifes then make innocent faces and start to watch down on same ones they destroyed. Some people are maybe just unaware about many things, some might not have been around the planet to see it all. And some will now think, what is this guy talking about as they will never understand when it is just about their next car, a little scratch in their cars, presenting a friend a next bull shit they bought for bringing them up into a higher rank, and so many maybe forgot about. If they create a major collective mess, their own children will have to cleanup the mess once. A things always get out of control, when humans start to think about money. They destroy the nicest places on earth, they destroy the prettiest beaches on earth with skyscraper facilites, they create bunkerstyle worlds where people life like in a jail as it got in Switzerland with this property run eversince 15 years where people having too much money needed to grab a whole nation for profit reason and quick dollars. It all could fill a book and i should rather now concentrate on programming and making my machine smart and ready. But maybe some will understand what i am talking about here and they will be the ones i try to attract here on this portal.

Honest people which just have not been lucky and would deserve to get lucky and to get a chance. Maybe that will once then help as well now all those which are running with a little bag as refugees around the world, maybe it once then will help those children in Sierra Leone which were enslaved on cocoa farms and maybe if you could stop injustice you would once not hear about such wars as in Rwanda anymore where the French, Belgians together with the catholice church organized and created a mass murder site. I sometimes ask myself about, how all those catholics able to first pray in their churches and afterwards getting back to their desks at weapon industries?

Sometimes when scanning this entire planet with my friends i get heavy mental sick when seeing all those tragedies, sometimes then i concentrate on something making me happy as just trying to find the nicest sites on earth. But finally i think i must do it and need to go trough this, as there is actually no other machine on earth would be able to do something similiar. And if there was a machine able for it, it will be used for profits and is likely in hands of some which should not bee in such powers. So all we got, and we can be more than happy about is Wikipedia, which at least gives us a excellent source to let people create their opinion. And maybe once, it will be Wozzally stepping in and helping out. And maybe i inspire many other programmers and engineers with my idea to help out as well.

That is why Wozzally will never be about money. The day maybe i once achieve a little goal on this planet, i will buy myself a home somewhere with a little garden and give all this into other hands...where it is hopefully safe and far away from such thinking about money, weapons sales and just own fortunes.

The day, people wanted not to fool around with me anymore, wanted not to steel my money and home anymore, wanted not to get rid of me anymore to overtake my belongings, was the day when they started to recognize about, i could chase them around earth if they urged me to. And i said to myself, if this is working for me, i will be able to make this work for many others with a bigger machine. And then Wozzally got from a tourism site to an international portal. And to make sure, no jerk with secrets is running away to space i built this machine up to universe for all those having a good reason to get him back.

Now you can use this machine for nice things, for sunny things or to bring back justice into your own life. But beware about, never punish someone innocent and just let the bad boys get a message when it was too much. They will start to reconsider about evil plans once they recognize about this idea. No matter if it is about a couple corrupt officials, or mega companies which got out of control with their profit maximizations or whatever else. I will not be possible in future with such IT toys to let any evil story disappear and maybe that will be the day when this works, where we will hear about less wars on this planet full of tragedies, created by too many human primates with a too short perspective and vision. We all see what happens when money rules a planet, right?

You might sometimes have asked yourself about, why it was that important now for Elon Musk and American government's NASA to bring up a colony on Mars? Of course amongst those billions of planets in Universe it is highly likely that other civilizations much more advanced than our primate planet's earth exits. But if they got the much further technology what would give them the ability to get in touch with planet earth, they would be likely having gone through some similar constellations as on earth with wars and humans destroying each other before. So, it will be very likely those aliens would never want to get in touch with us as we just would try to destroy their world as well. Now this is all a bit maybe too much philosophy, bu i asked myself often about, why Elon Musk and NASA put that huge amoungst and capacities of highly skilled engineers into such projects with a that silly idea as the Mars colony, but have not yet been able to solve the problems on earth first with a couple skilled engineers.

Same time billions of Dollars are put into technologies as such listening our space for a sign of an alien and thousands of high skilled engineers waste their time with it, you hear about United Nations is running low on money with all their created refugee camp cities. It is such a silly thing alltogether, but sometimes then you will get to the point and recognize, even as smart humans think they are, most of them have not yet been able to manage things in this major dimension as it was created. A globalization, where everything is getting out of control but it lacks on every corner with the tools to keep it under control. One example as you see is just the European in the meantime giant American style Union which is not even able to handle a couple refugees coming after they destabilized in a comman act some subcontinents. So it is more than time a couple engineers are first coming up with some necessary tools to fix first this entire mess up and maybe our continents then start to think once together about how it could be done a bit better instead of just thinking about power games between USA, China, Russia, Europe and others. The amounts of in the meantime overwhelmed refugees running through the world would likely deserve it once if some used their skills for some more basic problems instead of new catastrophiea are created once more as in South China sea now, and so many other venues.

So, watching to the stars, actually our next neighbour is Proxima Centauri and a 4 lightyears away, we better once here would concentrate first about the most necessary things. As if there is something on the way to our planet what could hit us, we just would see it in last second. But same time most people try to forget about all those refugee camps and wand not to see them anymore. Well here on this portal i will bring those refugee camps straight to the doors of background players to make sure they get not forgotten down there in Africa and wherever at Middle East. And onc then maybe more people start to ask questions as i do frequently with some companies and business people which would not want to admit having done certain mistakes. Just considering the United Nations which is paid by the same ones which deliver most weapons on earth is an insanity and got a colossos not able to manage itself anymore independently to once bring all those tragedies in order. Alltogether you see which way it will go here on this portal and what is in my mind. And maybe once we will have another authors bringing up those topics a bit to create an awareness of those things going wrong first as our mainstream media channels usually rather confuse most people with propaganda and their tactics. It is about facts finally and not about to use this IT portal to shoot anymore propaganda around earth and i will collect those things and create workspaces here where other authors can pick it up with their own facts and opinions.

So you might ask yourself after all, why is this guy indexing Californian lakes now instead of a dessert in Somalia? But that is a quite important chess move as i will give first people something to see the love and on same page than i will pop up the crosslinks. That does not mean you will see a ZaAtari camp on a Yosemite national park, but you maybe once will find somewhere the pyayers behind weapon industries and a couple secrests you were not aware of. But to bring all this up it will be necessary to index this whole planet from the source with a solid layer. And of course i now will not concentrate to index a couple deserts with tent homes in Sudan, Congo or around Syria. They got no internet connection anyway down there. But if they finally want to run through Europe once freaking out in those refugee camps, we later on maybe will be able to let them run at least into the right direction instead of creating once again a big confusion. Likely many people running by the time to Europe are not aware of they just will be the next generation modern slaves working in Germany then for 1 Dollar an hour. Once they find out themselves about hopeless it is to run to Europe, they will start to get frusrated an what will follow then you likely can imagine. It is by the time dangerous what is done by Europe, and really unorganized. Amazingly in a way unorganized it would not to be as we got ALL technologies since long time manage such things internatinal, but everyone seems to cook his own soup by them time, not able to think in a bigger dimension as long it is not always about money and finances. Maybe you asked yourself about, why is there no international portal which manages those refugees on one single place and gives them information what is expecting them in different countries in Europe? By the time such from Africa likely just heard about we got a flood of money up here, and of course they all want to run to this paradise, but were never told about the real side effects of life in Europe. And so one, so many things not going the right way by the time. And maybe some ask themselves about why same time Europe is trying to clean up the mess with refugees the Americans and Chinese already are busy at South China Sea with bringing up the next mess. It is a point where maybe once then people will recognize, if those Chinese now are getting manic with their quick success and money within the last 20 years, you maybe better watch out with your single Dollar to take speed a bit down. As such things as in China happen anywhere where people get too rich and powerful too quick. Last example was with the Oligarch in Russia which after plundering their own nation tried as well to grab a whole planet. But there are ways to stabilize such things a bit other than with a single empty search window of Google. And there will be algorithms found to get those things under control once if a majority really wants it.

You sometimes maybe heard about the efforts of our worlds billionaires having Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Zuckerberg and a couple others on their asset. Obvioously they started as well to ask questions as i actually do. But i asked myself about, do they really know, how quick i would fix this planet up if i had those peoples manpower and finances they spend? That might sound a bit weird for most actually as i am really a very small guy from Switzerland. But i am quite sure about with those capacities they are playing with i would be able to blow a wind over an entire planet within 1 single month. By the way Bill Gates even is sitting on the source of all software to make it really work, but what i have yet seen with his examples and a hospital made me ask just more questions about what is going wrong over there. Maybe all this gives those Americans once then an idea and how to make things once really work in a bigger dimension as this is what you would expect when people spend billions to cleanup things. But at least they seem to be aware in the meantime of certain situations and started trying with some efforts not yet really visible. Let's say my approach if i was Bill Gates and had as an example donated some equipment and a laboratory in Cambodia, i would have sent a guy watching out those things are not disappearing from my hospital. Now those have stolen the equipment of Bill Gates donatings where those days my friends. And if i was Bill Gates then, i would give those people having stolen my equipment from a donated hospital a proper lessen. But those days i just wondered about how easy it was for a couple corrupt Khmer guys in high positions to let Bill Gates equipment walk into their own private clinics where they wrote big Bills then for the upper class instead of helping those which really had no money. One fo those doctors quick quick then drove a latest BMW car. But maybe in future when i got this portal ready for all, i can help Bill Gates out a bit to make sure this not happens again, as i straight can point a reference to the family home of the corrupt guy until he brings the equipment back. Maybe once one of those Billionaires is reading this here ( and of course with their NSA toys they will find out about), they will start to create a couple smart ideas for future as well about how to make it really work after the big press showdowns, last one of Zuckerberg as we all heard. But at least it goes a bit into right direction with all now with a few.

Now afer all i tried to explain you, do you believe if this portal here would have the traffic and would be filled by 100000s of people. If it would be seen by millions of people around earth. Do you believe, someone would even dare to steel something in a donated hospital facility? Do you believe someone would even dare as a corrupt police officer to hassle innocent people daily. Do you believe, police in a third world nation where everyone got a smartphone anyway, would even dare to sell drugs to tourists and collect them right afterwards to squeeze more money out of it? Do you believe China would even dare to start a war in South China Sea when knowing we just would tell 1 Billion people about facts and crosslink the most necessary things back to Chinese economy where they make the money? Do you believe a politician would even dare to think about corruption as immediately when he is thinking about he would get a post on his page and there would just be one place on internet to watch the full story? After all this, do you start to understand the dimension about and the why this portal must be independent and without financial interest?

Now first approach a load of powerful people on earth will likely think, well we let this guy with his little webportal just disappear and proceed the way we did yet with all the lousy secrets. But maybe once some recognize, there must be something better than what we got now, as yet it just did not really work. And as long there are wars and refugees around earth you maybe all agree there went something wrong on this planet yet. We are now in the year of 2016 and stories on this planet are still same ones as when it started with the colonizations and slaveries. We are still in stone age and concentrate to shoot rockets to space instead of once bringing the most necessary things to a point where it really works. You can easily shut down an Erdogan with no single word if he gets out of control. You just shut down his financial ressources for a certain time until he is getting pressure by his own people and get reasonable again. But by the time i hear, and i got tired and sick of it, a million politicians produce hot air for nothing. You just shut down tourism in Turkey with modern IT toys and when an Erdogan understands about he maybe suffered a bit from narzissism because of being overwhelmed by new gained quick power, he will start to swith on at least his brain again when money dries out. That is the way it works. And this will work all around the earth in a far quicker way than with the hot air 1000 politicians are producing by the time.

Now if there was such an IT portal with such power, you just must make sure, no one can misuse this power on earth. But by the time you can not even thrust United Nations with all those financial interests of the Germans and Americans behind. I am pretty sure my approach goes into the right direction, i just often ask myself about why this is that hard to understand for most people. By the time, the world needs an organization which is completely free from influence of money, lobbies, politicians. This is what it actually lacks most.

The whole idea about goes further than maybe by the time most people would dare to imagine. What about all those drug wars in Central America. You just make sure there is no customer for those drugs or at least no one making profits out of it and will bring an entire global drug trade to fall with a few little mouse clicks. If some politicians have some interest in trading drugs, just crosslinking their faces to the place where they life and make innocent faces to neighbours. And imagine then how quickly they would stop..as there is no money to make out of it anymore, there is no interset. But instead of the Americans give this whole mess by medical control for free, they now created another Billion dollar business with it when legalizing so called medical Marijuana. By the time you likely would not want to be in El Salvador or Honduras as those are the warzones where the drug floods go through. Now you maybe would not have a million cirminals in jails which are another Billion Dollar business of some American companies, which all just have big interests how not to dry this whole thing out.

Well, i am just a programmer and no Judge Dredd and as well not Tom Cruise from PreCrime. You can imagine, once this portal goes around earth i would not have time to follow all millions of stories and just will be busy with performance on my servers. That means the whole thing got a voting mechanism where you yourself decide about things and if a majority of people comes to the same point you will get a result.

It comes to the point you will ask yourself, is there even someone interested of those politicians, to bring it to work, or is the jail industry lobbying them just too strong? Finally you could you that many powerful resources of human creativity and capazities in such better ways than what it is now, with just sometimes when necessary breaking down some evil cells which keep a catastrophy alife.

There would be ways how humans could fix up the whole mess, there are engineers which had the capazities to create such projects as this of Wozzally with much more manpower and financial sources than i got here. But as you see, it always seems to be more important to reach the impossible with Mars instead of cleaning up the done mess here on earth first. And this idea with the Mars colonization is just one example of human stupidity beside a million others. But maybe once as well those Americans start to switch on their brains as well beside of many players in Europe, China and wherever. With just a few moves, they had the technology to bring this planet and it's couple evil players under control long time ago. They just never wanted to fix it up. At least Elon Musk gave the world now something bringing us away from heating our planet up and maybe once an American president and many other politicians would be elected the way with less financial domination of lobbies and more concerns about their ideology, it would be a start where humans had a future other than soon one silly creature will press a major trigger when it's getting too much with all done mistakes.

So, you asked yourself same questions but thought yet there is nothng could bring a change once into a good direction where 99% of humans, dont forget our animals, would mae a happy face?

Here you got the toy for it, so get your story down and let others partizipate your opinions and conclusions. The better author you get the more privileges into higher areas you will get over time, but please then let as much content as possible open for unregistered authors to let them all partizipate and just lock in pages when having vandalism issues.

When i see some regions getting active, i will improve it, yet about 25 countries are fully indexed down to city level. The way it works now is, daily about 1000 new topicpages and this speed goes exponential. Finally when it all is proper working i let my own Wozzallybots run around earth to index the rest. I will be more than pleased with all sort of creative ideas of authors, how to give this portal here a very special soul. So bring it alive and i will do anything to suppor behind with better tools and more plugins to get this an incredible place for the world to meet and get in touch with each other. Sorry about the couple grammar mistakes, but by now i will not waste much time with this and hopefully you understand my idea about even it lacks a bit perfectness in this text.

You ever heard about open source? As an example the Linux operating kernel of all your smartphones is open source. Open source is software programmed for free by 1000s of enthusiasts. Another example is your Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales once had to make the decision to get rich or to make his toy popular. When he decided for second and made it an open source project, it got a storm around the world as we all know eversince 10 years. In the meantime Wiki operates it's 200 servers by donations.

Wozzally will be the same but i think i will not even need any donations to pay those couple servers as i got myself the necessary money to pay pizzas luckily. I just need to make myself smart about how to set this all up as an open project. Still a bit worry by the time it could fall into wrong hands of a couple smart ones misusing it by financial interests. My dream i explained you above, so hang on and once then when i got time and my homework done, i will set this all up as an open source, open content project once i somehow understand that for programmers difficult languages as GPL or others.

For those which dont know how this works just to explain in short. Maybe nothing happens, but maybe if some start to like this project maybe 1000s of engineers and millions of authors will join the whole thing with doing free work with a common idea as mine.

As Wozzally now run on a Virtual server, i got no full access over the database server. That means i am still a bit handicapped with features of Stored Procedures and Triggers, what is just a technical thing and will be solved once it is running on a real private dedicated host. But for now it makes no sense to spend loads of money for such managed servers with my one man show programming and traffic is not yet that hard even it doubles daily. Once soon you will be able to register own topic pages as companies, parks, lakes, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, periodic events etc, but it will last after registration of those topics at least a couple hours until i shoot the update script where afterwards your page will be ready for you for editing.

Usually when i try to find a way to break complexity down i import myself a list over a couple thousand records as companies, lakes, mountains and whatever and try to find out how i can handle this data flood. Once i found a procedure how to handle it in big style it will after be ready for importing a million records each and i can write procedures, scripts and robots. That means you now see everywhere a couple hundred, sometimes a couple thousand records but once then when i broke complexity down into something what will get very easy, there are no limits just to import anything on earth and to fill the database with millions of entries. Finally once soon you likely at least will find all cities, towns, lakes, mountains, parks, facilities, airlines, companies and whatever. All nicely indexed what always just lets you see with a single click what is next to it. Sometimes i facilitates my job when i find somewhere a nice list over a subject which i just can import, sometimes it is hard work from scratch to find it all. If you urgently want or need a list here about something special you can send me your own list in a textfile which i will import for you then with a couple clicks. Most easy, when i get a CSV comma separated file having already all names of countries, regions, districts, counties and cities. So you are welcome to send me your own idea if you need to work on something special and i will create it for you.

My idea about all goes much further than what you see now. Sometimes you see in a transport section a couple boats, soon you will see airports and planes. But my idea then is to as well create all schedules what means you are just somewhere and enteer the name of a plane and will immediately see where it actually is on the sky, same with boats, trains etc.

As you see i made a list of the worlds most known people. Some are politicians, eocnomic leaders and a couple criminals to complete it. Now this is likely what will cause most emotions and i know exactly about nobody really likes to see his face on a webserver. I hate it myself as well. Technically i could index those pepole and a couple millions of others down into their households as from city my database goes over street to facilities, from facilities downwards into compartments, levels of buildings and even into rooms. So technically it is all done and you could show where someone riht now is. Imagine i had those Google data or Facebook data from your smartphones from where those companies suck down you GPS location. With data it is possible to show you on another side where you actually sit on a toilet. And when switching on your camera and the microphone i could then even show what it is like on this toilet. Now this is what Ed Snowden told to the world and housewifes started to understand about technical things and what NSA is able to with their PRISM project. The really can watch when you furt on your toilet. But i do not really want to got this way and scare people once again, but technically afterwards the smartphone app is done, i would easily be able to. So be aware of, i give you a recommendation. My smartphone has a scotch tape on the front camera at least to make sure those American programmers with a sandwich in their hand not watch me on my toilet job. They can listen if they want, but not watch this little last privacy i got. And when you want full privacy, beware of you will never have it as long you not entirely switch off your smartphone and computers. You got your private spy in your pocket. But most people already know about this, so i think no reason for NSA to shut down my servers now when saying that once again. Myself on Wozzally, and as long i have control over it all, i will never do this and concentrate on my idea and job.

Usually imagine when handling floods of data in the Gigabits, we engineers have not time to watch all posts and just let robots do their jobs. What i want to tell you, as long you not trigger any radars with certain critical keywors, you will not be seen and disppear from radars. My servers are in USA and of course everything you will write will be stored with NSA. And there is actually 0 way around that, makes not even sense to waste my time with encrypting the connections as they are not that silly not to having organized any backdoors into it. Finally i dont really caree about anymore, as long i am no criminal i got nothing to hide. And to say the turth might be no crime in Switzerland as far as i yet understood. Once later i will move my servers away from USA and host it the way behind an own DMZ to make sure certain things stay out of reach, but for now and near future it is not like this.

I am just thinking about when creating people's records here to use it for something more practic. As an exmaple Switzerland got those days a letter from a human rights activits (Asli Erdogan) sitting in a Turkey jail because of having another opionion than the regime and wild gone president Erdogan. So technically there are now ways to create pressure on such things with all those innocent arrested people in Turkey when everyone can follow the stories in an easy way and see such things right on the Turkish main page. And there are thousands of other examples with wild gone politicians and unscrupulous business people plundering the planet into their own pockets. Once they see their faces with the stories right next to the tourism portal, they will reconsider a couple mistakes and the system will automatically coreect itself. Another example, i have seen those whale hunter stories with Greenpeace when chasing those whale hunter boats and risking their lives with it. I got here another chess move and prepare for Japan just a nice surprise right here from Switzerland on my jerking chair and watch the faces of Greenpeace then with giving them a smarter option to present their data for millions in the audience. So it all will last a bit, but it is in the pipe and coming all soon.

I could as well easily make a full indexed Facebook out of Wozzally with all features of Facebook, but it is by the time not really my intent, as i wanted to build an educational thing and not something where people let each other now about how the last pizza tasted. Think i let Facebook be Facebook and do my own thing here. But technically as you see, the capazity of Wozzally is by far more advanced than a Facebook having just on a single table a couple options to embed a couple movies. Facebook is a toy where they once quickly after developing started to fill with data, but finally you see technology wise a concept where they maybe better invested on beginning a couple thousand hours more not to be stuck later with technical issues and misconcepts. Same it is with Wikipedia where you see as well, they initially not have been thinking about the last details and started in a quick way to generate data. But once then the databases are full, the most simple technical and conceptional mistake is getting a major problem when you consider now Facebook having 1 Bilion records in their database. That is why i spend now on beginning much more time and do slowly with letting the database grow with data to make sure later when it got a billion records there will be no limits. But the headaches will come anyway. Technically Wozzally is built on same technology as Facebook and Wiki, so there is no doubt it can handle 1 Billion records once it goes to Oracle servers.

Sometimes i got hacker attacks. Luckily by the time not many. The way i do is just isolating the network segment but sometimes those hackers come up on other networks and i neeed to shut down an entire region that way. That means, you frequently will see a white lock-page and need to wait a bit until i found a proper workaround for it. Most hacks come from Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Poland, so usually all other nations are steady open.

Now to mention a hard stuff thing. We all have seen those pictures of wars and ISIS. Now we adults are used to it and got our traumas in past, but beware this webportal will be seen by children. So give them a break with all and post not the ugliest and heaviest pictures. We do not want some more children suffering from post traumatic stress and those now living in those warzones will be enough already. Please consider a bit, what kind of pictures you upload and what movies you post to it. You can show those wars of course but remember what those children watching it will feel like when seeing horrors. Of course you will be once as well more than welcome to let us know about something beautiful on this planet as we all see horrorstories and nightmares nearly daily with our sensation chasing news networks.

Enjoy & Good luck you all.
Ralf (Ali), Switzerland.

email: ally@wozzally.com
skype: wozzally (just chat, we hate to talk much)

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